Sunday, July 1, 2012

Living with RA has been challenging lately. RA has decided to go after my feet and ankles. I have felt the need for using mobility aids for the very first time lately. The use of grocery scooter carts, wheelchairs, etc. and it came as quite a shock to the way I view myself and I do believe the way others view me! Scary stuff to say the least! Using a scooter grocery shopping cart made my usual task of grocery so much more productive and less painful. It was more the mental leap of how I view myself that was difficult. My hubby was sad that it had come to this and actually discouraged me from using them at first, but as he saw how a single mobility device could boost my self esteem and independence the stigma of using them faded away. As for me, it always seems to be a challenge with RA, to keep up with the ever changing losses and adjustments that come with this disease. In the end however, learning to view myself in a positive light has been my key to maintaining my sanity, whether needing a scooter or not!

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